The Loveland Philo women’s service organization has organized an amateur golf tournament for women to raise scholarship funds for need-based technical or vocational male and female students living in the Loveland/Berthoud area for the last ten years. Proceeds totaling over $130,000 from Philo Golf Tournaments have been awarded to 100+ Loveland/Berthoud recipients!

We are looking for residents of Loveland or Berthoud who:

  • Have been accepted into a 2-yr. (or less) technical/vocational degree/certificate
    program for the 2016-2017 academic year and who are strongly motivated to
    complete their training.
  • 4-year degree programs are not eligible
  • Have a demonstrated financial need for a scholarship for tuition (awards vary
    from $500-$1500 per school year)

Philo scholarships are awarded to the chosen school for TUITION ONLY. Examples of scholarships awarded include (but not limited to) training in careers in the health, business, paralegal, cosmetology, automotive repair, retail merchandising, childcare professions, and police/firemen professions.

For more information on the Philo Scholarship Program or to apply for a scholarship, go to the Loveland Philo web page at



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